We are one of the largest and most advanced shirt manufacturing and printing companies in central China. We manufacture and deliver tens of millions of finished (blank and branded) shirts and shorts for many US and European companies and event operators. Our Race Kits Direct service is focused on delivering one thing: High quality shirts and swag, fully pre-packaged and delivered direct for your race or event, without the middleman.

Race Kits Direct made the process sooo easy!
I wish this service would have been offered years ago!Event Gear Provider (over 30 events)

But this is about YOU.

You have a VERY difficult job. We know. You work hard to build your event and your brand. Sponsors are hard to get, shirts and SWAG items are too expensive at low volumes. If that is not enough, then you barely have time to market and increase your participant count!

When you let RKD take the whole sourcing and production of race shirts off your plate at reasonable prices this allows you to provide SWAG that leaves your participants totally excited and posting on social media like crazy! (THE MOST POWERFUL ADVERTISING TODAY!!!)

RKD will function as your production department and let you leverage our scale to get low prices AND still get top quality. Because we have offices in China and a customer distribution and support center in the USA, we are basically able to respond to your needs 24 hours a day. Remember, whether direct with our Chinese representatives or through our US support center, the pricing is the same. No games, no gimmicks, no mark-ups.

Our bottom line is improving your bottom line and your participant’s enjoyment.

About Our Process

Direct Communication

  • Stage 1

    Order intake is handled by email and phone with a project manager. During order intake we validate your shirt style, your shirt material and validate your art. The project manager also helps walk you through the SWAG selection process!

  • Stage 2

    Once your order and art is validated AND your SWAG is selected, you are immediately assigned a production manager. They coordinate with the factory floor each step of the way.

  • Stage 3

    Your production manager will walk through the sample assessment and approval with you. With your written approval your production manager oversees all manufacturing and reports to you regularly through the process.

  • Stage 4

    Approximately 30 days prior to your arrival deadline (10 days if you choose air-freight) you will be notified that packing has begun and what your shipping date will be. Then approximately 5 days prior to arrival, we contact you to confirm the ETA and make sure everything on your end is ready!

Critical Timeline Issues

  • Phase 1

    Every industry in the world has a production timeline. Most of the clothing industry plan 6-12 months ahead. If design and approval delays happen, then production is impacted and rush fees are required to keep the original production and delivery time. Depending on order size, we work to keep in a 90 day timeline..

  • Phase 2

    Within the first 30 days of work with your production manager you MUST have your product selection finalized and art confirmed. Depending on complexity, print samples for approval may take up to 10 days.

  • Phase 3

    Production will take 30 days, minimum. If there are ANY delays in Step #2 above, production will be delayed or extended. The result to keep on schedule may be to have your items shipped via airfreight. Airfreight only takes 10 days, but results in an additional cost of about $1-$1.25 per shirt or participant kit.

  • Phase 4

    Shipping will take 30 days. Customs delays can cause delays that are outside of our control. It is best to compensate for customs issues by earlier planning, earlier production and earlier shipping. But don’t fret, if delays in your normal processes occur, we always can ship by airfreight and have it delivered to your door safely in about 10 days.