We have all of the current cuts and styles. Our standard offering includes both male and female cuts as well as unisex cuts. We also have kid’s cuts to support our family friendly events!

Shirts come in sizes from Children’s 8-9, 10-11, XS, S, M, L, XL thru 4XL. Full size runs are available as needed.
We offer some serious panel cut upgrades! Be sure to ask you project manager for information!

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We don’t use the same materials that most companies do. They are too uncomfortable and we don’t like them. So, how can we expect you to like them? We don’t.

In fact each of our materials go through a special internally managed softening process. We are proud to say that our cotton/poly, for example, has been mistaken for tri-blend. So with our materials we get a little cocky. The extra processes don’t cost extra when you order as much as we do.

Whether its hand-feel or breathability, it is in large part a matter of scale. When we order material we get what help the fabric manufacture develop. It is difficult and expensive to do in small batches. This is how we protect our market and your comfort.

We can offer literally hundreds of colors, but for our rate conscious customers we have a special set of colors that are always on hand so you don’t suffer a setback waiting the 20 days for your dye-lot to finish. Each color below is nearly always in stock.

The Cationics are different and highly sought after breed this year. This is a definite upgrade. Some of the highline events like to use this material in details or panel on their shirts.

Want a swatch Sample? Click below and get your own 8”x8” swatch card. Feel the material yourself. We send out big swatches for personal assessment, not the little 1” squares that tell you nothing.

Haven’t you ever wondered why no one else ever offered a swatch like this? We know why and we took the guess work out of the equation. Look, feel, and discuss it. You will be glad you did.

We aren’t making anything up and look forward to sending our swatch card to you.

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